July 25, 5:44 A.M.

It's the 25th of July, 5:44 A.M. IST,  I am thinking about Fan Chan( a Thai movie I saw in the morning with English subtitles as 'My Girl'). It was an amazing movie about childhood love...

Like everyone else, I am listening to music too, Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson only that its not blaring(:D) because I have headphones on because my sister is sleeping on the bed beside me.

It's raining outside and my window is open, making me shield my laptop protectively.

I haven't studied for 4 days straight and I am feeling very bad about it cause I am a total geek(minus the 'dosen't know how to dress' part).

After having not studied for 4 days, I haven't written much either for Protagonize so I really feel as useless as a stuffed Teddy Bear.

My wind wanders back to 'My Girl', the creativity displayed by the fresh out of film school diresctors is amazing, a must watch for everyone.

Coming to creativity, I feel ashamed for not having written any story in a while because, I consider myself a "very creative person".

Is Annie OK?

Bye guys.         :D

The End

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