A funny moment - a few days ago

Myself, my two brothers, and my mum and dad were playing a small game of Family Fortunes against my two cousins, my auntie and my uncle. I'm going to put this as a sort of script so it's easier to follow. James and Daniel are my brothers, and Kiera and Carys are my cousins. My family is Team A, and they are Team B. James is the "Quizmaster"

James: Okay, next question. Name something that people do just before Christmas.

< Carys presses buzzer >

Carys: Wrap presents!

< All quite surprised because Carys is only 8 and that's a good answer >

James: No, I'm afraid its not on there!

Mum: Are you sure you're doing that right? Surely it must be there?

James: Nope, it's definitely not there.

Kiera: < To Carys > Oh, well done. You've probably just lost us the game now!

Carys: Well sorry what would you have said?

Kiera: I would've said -

Auntie: Don't say anything! It's the other team's chance to try and guess!

Me: Can we carry on yet?

Mum: Just a sec - James, are you SURE you read it right?

James: YES I'm sure. Right - mum, its your go. Guess something you do just before Christmas.

Mum: < Completely serious > Wrap presents?

The End

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