July 23, 2009

Here I am writing before I go to work again. I was off last night, so I had a really good night's rest. My sleep rhythm is still trying to rectify itself after not working nights for two weeks when I was on vacation.

I spent some of the morning writing and chatting with someone I care about on face book. My husband is still working on putting strapping up on the roof in preparation for installing metal roofing.

I had to wear a pair of those bulky headphone earplugs to get to sleep in the afternoon. The banging and drill sounds were going on right above my head. Oh well, I did get some sleep anyway.

There was a wasp nest in the eaves of the sun porch, so my husband sprayed some foamy wasp killer into the nest. He ended up with one wasp bite on his hand,and a cluster of seven  bites on his back!  They got up under his t-shirt. Poor baby!  I put antihistamine cream on them , so the swelling went down.

The TV is broadcasting something or other in the same room. I've learned to tune it out. When I write, everything else just sort of...goes away. I've always had an intensive attention span. When I'm reading a book, my husband has to literally come and close the book to get my attention.

That was my day. I have to go to work soon. I think I'll work on another chapter of my novel-hopefully-to-be, Ghost Cop, before I go.

The End

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