Just another evening (July 23)

Here I sit at the computer looking at Protagonize. How have I become so adicted to the site? Normally I'd wait until after the kids are in bed. Normally I have to make diner. Tonight, surprise my hubby's got it covered. The kichen is bound to be a mess, but the food's bound to be as good. Guess I'll be cleaning up after the kids are in bed.

/Sigh/ So many chores so little time. How in the world did people live back in the olden days, when there were no fancy machines to do things for you? Did they ever wish for just one moment to themselves when they could do what ever they wished? Or is that something that has become part of our society as life has become easier and easier.

I know I need my quiet, alone, time. Well I don't have to be alone, just don't bug me. And don't put on the TV.

/Sigh/ I should be up with the kids right now. I'm not abandoning them am I? I don't think so, they went upstairs on their own to play, leaving me down here. They are pretty independant children (even if my son's going through a separation anxiety phase right now, when I drop him off at daycare). No, they will let me know if they want me to play with them. They always do. Daddy's with them now, he can handle it. Why do I always say that as if I have to convince myself of it? Afterall he's had them for a weekend all by himself once. No one starved (I made sure they had plenty of food) and no one had to go to the hospital. In fact they didn't seem to have missed me much at all /sniff/. Oh well that's life.

Hm.. there goes the timer, dinner might just be ready so I ought to get going.

The End

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