"Name of the kettle!"

"Nom d'une bouilloire! Pourquoi est-ce que je suis hardiment ri sous cape à par les dieux?"

I wish I knew French. Well, okay, I know some French. I know how to say "Wednesday" and "chicken" and to count to five; but how will that help me in any form of real life?

I scratch my ear. I shouldn't scratch my ear, but I do, and shift in my seat. That line is still cheerily blinking away on my screen and I type out another few words to satisfy it.

Hungry little demon, aren't you?

I add my name, a few hearts, and send the message off.

He replies sometime later:

Hi :D

The EXACT translation would be:

"Name of the kettle! Why is it that I am boldly laughing up one's sleeve has by the Gods?"

That almost makes sense. He goes into depth, taking up several scrolls' worth of space.

-ANYway, (I think I got off topic) -Hopefully I got it right... then we won't have to worry about it anymore. :D [Well, you probably wouldn't worry too much, but I think I would... I don't like to leave things "unsolved." -Especially French... :)

He ends with his name in bold, flourished font, and a line of hearts.


-Well, I'll be going. Watch out for ferrets, and look on the bright side of life! :D

The End

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