July 23rd 11:00AM

   I sat there a spoon full of soggy cereal in one hand, the other a cell phone. You could see I was pretty busy eating cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats Strawberry) and texting my friends of how I just encountered yet another terrifying creepy crawly in my sleep. The ring of my cell phone buzzed again, and they just laughed. That made me think, am I really afraid of insects? Of course I am! The thought of staring at a bug with its large eyes, its tissue paper like wings and especially its thin as tooth pick legs made me want to jump and scream. But, that is what I do whenever I see an insect.

I stop there for a moment, letting my cereal drown in the milk for a while and thought about how I used to raise caterpillars when I was a lot younger, and how I would always take it out of the jar with holes poked on the lid and just let it crawl over my skin. It made me shiver. Then, I stopped again and remembered in first grade our classroom raised silkworms! They were so soft and squishy too. But... Then someone accidentally stepped on one of them, and then lifted up their small shoe. I thought I was going to gag when the image of the slimy snot-looking lime green guts were on the floor.

I texted back to my laughing friends and they said something sort of stuck to me, "They're more scared of you than you are scared of them." I thought that might be true, but I just can't stand the way they look! I wouldn't mind picking up a worm since it has no scary legs, or any visible eyes I can see so I consider it harmless. Of course, most bugs were harmless...

Since it was summer and all, a lot of buzzing could be heard in the air from either a fruit fly or a pesky mosquito. I didn't know which it was, but I smacked it with my bare hands, a little hesitant to look. I opened it and saw small amounts of blood on both of my palms. It was a gross mosquito! I just washed my hands and shook my head in dismay. I decided to end the conversation by storing my cell phone away in my bag, and then looked at my bowl of cereal... For some reason, I lost my appetite.

The End

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