Another Moment... Dated 23rd July, '09


Its nearly 12:30 pm out here... and here is a good 750 km away from where I was last time I wrote here. Two days and I've travelled way more than that as well seeing as I've finally been trying to get my life back on track... But for the moment, it’s quiet again.

Sitting here at my mom's place, I look out the double doors that lead to a tiny balcony and overlook the company township's lawn, a light drizzle doing a very poor job indeed of veiling the greenery outside. The cool breeze that wafts in, however, is to die for... Have it his way he'd sit here forever and write. It’s perfect really... deceptively so. Life, of course, has a tendency to do that... a hell lot.

Currently, switching tabs between here and a chat box on good ol' Facebook and my usual RP site, I had found myself staring at Protagonize for a good 15 minutes wondering what I ought to read or perhaps write, feeling obligated to do so by the mere action of logging on. Could I get away with a stray comment and appease the feeble, insistent drive within? Perhaps not... I know my thoughts aren't going to let me stray too much from what's transpired in the last hour or so. And it’s precisely that that I had intended to write about but realize now that while it would have been great to let out... it wouldn't have been write.

Realizing that this may sound sermon-like I feel obliged to explain this somewhat. While I do like to entertain the notion that this will be overlooked, I feel obliged to the random stray wanderer who might find this. The thing is - Its hard being a writer in India. Out here society and people don't see being a writer as a profession... Hell, for that matter they don't see a lot as a possible profession. Every wonder why we have so many doctors and tech engineers? Bingo... narrow minded approaches to what people would believe is a prestigious or well paying job. Luckily my parents aren't of the same mind set but still its hard to find someone who tunes into the same wavelength as you.

What's bothering me? A lot as usual... But specifically, the fact that I've made quite a few friends on this little Star Wars text based role playing site, a bunch of great writers... but sadly, they remain to this date people I'll never really meet. Distanced by a medium as perilous as it is my godsend.And while its great to be able to talk to people or write to them... sometimes it'd be nice to have someone you can call and hang out with... but than again, when have I ever been all that social?

But heck, it could perhaps just be the weather... Though frankly, grey skies, a little rain, a cool breeze are what I would call perfect... and my contemplative, seemingly down-ish mood? It’s all I know and its what makes me write... Wouldn't give it up for the world. Almost did once... but it wasn't for the world and she turned out to be someone who the change would've been wasted on. But for now... Its back to writing and that should be about it...

Also, I'm much better at these in the third person than the first... It’s a side effect from RPing too much. Anyways, lets submit this and find a few good stories to read and comment on while thinking up a good one of my own...

With that being said, I've once again beat around the bush, talked about things that I've already spoken of and in general been my usual self... And now... Now I think I feel a bit better.


Cheers, world of Protagonize and the invisible people in my laptop...


The End

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