A Moments Journey

At this time I'm tired and annoyed.

I'm annoyed because there is something in my left eye, and it won't go away.

I'm tired because I got off work at three and ran around town looking at mountain bikes. I guess I'm also happy because I've found the bike I want to buy.

As my mom and I got into the car a charred pine needle landed on my arm. It was from a fire more then sixty kilometers away. The sun burned red through the thick grey smoke in the skyline.

Any way when the pine needle landed on my arm, it got me thinking about it's journey. Hanging on a tree while the fire burned ever closer. Finally the flames lick at the tree limbs catching, lighting the dry needles like kindling. It breaks off and rises with the heat and smoke, up, up, thousands of feet, the wind carrying it north.

The End

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