a moment's thought...

Now that I'm done with my exams and over with school, do I actually like it?

It's been six weeks since I left and nothing exciting or particularly interesting has happened.

Why? I thought that being let free from that hell whole of a place would give me more time to see my friends. Not the case... it turns out that school is the one place where I do see my friends.

It sucks, knowing that I'm alone the majority of my time with no social interaction, outside of my direct family, dependant on a phonecall or text or IM inviting me to hang out, on the off chance that my 'friends' remember who I am and think "Let's see what MJ's upto!"


Am I as close to them, as they are to me? My guess, not likely.

I feel... neglected... lost... unwanted... useless... and, more importantly, invisible.

I can't help it if they think I'm strange or different; it's who I am, they should be able to see that and deal with it, right? Obviously not...

I must be too different to understand...

I stay in and write on a Friday night, whereas they go out and get drunk religiously.

I take extra-credit writing classes after school, whereas they go to the skatepark and flirt with skater guys.

I have ambitions, whereas they're just looking for their latest boyfriend - and other stuff.

I am not the norm in my circle of friends, but I don't care about being a socialite or lady of leisure. I just want to write... and act. My two loves in life keep me going, not alcohol and sex.

School is just a part of life that I have to live with, but I need to make the most of it... especially if that's the only place my 'friends' give a damn about me...

The End

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