A Small Moment

Time seems to be flying.  Just about a month ago I heard an alarm, like the sound of a garbage truck backing up though, not quite as loud.

I paid it.. not too much attention at first in fact, I thought I was imagining things but, the next day I heard it again.. Quite distinctive, at 8am each morning.  I'd been warned of this, I'd heard it when I'd been warned and I am surprised it went off so soon.

So now, I talk to the Dandelions and my children, I wish for that man to contact me but, he is refreshing his a--- hole status and I think to myself, am I being just as stubborn as him?

The I.D. channel is on and the unfolding story is of another sick person that aspires to explain his reasons for killing someone.  I am reading the short storys of moments in time.. my brain jumps from one thing to another, always fired up..

Two days left.. the procedure will be over, my device will be replaced, ready to stand gaurd against lost beats in my heart and, ready to alarm again, 5 years from now..

The End

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