My day, July 20, 2009

Tonight will be my first night back to work for two weeks. I guess I'm looking forward to it. It'll be nice to get back to a routine after my hectic vacation.

I spent most of June and the first two weeks of July sewing costumes for our local Shakespeare festival. I finished the sewing on July 14, and finally had some time to do a little writing. We're putting a new metal roof on the house, so I've been in and out all week.

I had computer trouble for almost a week, and that cut into my writing too. My furry little companion, Rufus is stretching on the green carpet beside my computer in the den. He truly is a beautiful animal. His predominant breed is Siberian Forest cat, and he has three layers of fur. He loves the winter.

I'm all ready for work, so I'm spending the last half hour before I go, to do one of the things I love best. I'm writing.I'm listening to The History Detectives, which is on TV a few feet away on my right side.

As a reflection upon my moment in time, my most dominant emotion is gratitude. Gratitude for my home, my husband, my cat, my family, my friends. I love and I am loved. That means everything to me.

I have to go to work now, bye.

The End

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