My Moment- July 19, 2009

Today, I was sitting in a leather couch, seeing some smoke in the air. There is a fire farther north, and I was watching the TV, listening to the story of some people who had lost their home and everything in it.

I felt like crying, and then realized that that sort of thing happens all the time, everywhere. It could happen to me, too. Probbably not this fire, but something could happen and I would lose so much. It's happening now, it always has happened, and always will.

I have to appreciate these things. My house, my life, the way I live, and all the things that the people who have lost their home in this fire have lost for at least a while.

Some things cannot be replaced, and i look down at the thing I am stitching for my mom. Her name, surrounded by hearts and stars in blue thread on a yellow ribbon. The small things too, I must be glad to not be the people in this world that are in similar situations as the people that are on the TV now.

We can help these people, because they could be us and we could be them. Now, on the TV, there are many people bringing matresses and water and other things that the people need. I was touched by the amount that some people care for others, they have seen what I just realised.

The End

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