My Moment... Dated July 20th, 2009

I sit here, in a old brown chair that is hardly my own. Rather one of many in my father's office as i use his net connection for my nightly ventures into the webby-world.

I've got my headphones on, skype connecting me with a friend I've never met but have had the pleasure of writing with on another site... for the moment silence reigns as both fo us write out replies.

I had chanced across this and having done something quite similar before, decided to go for it once again, thereby in essence pulling a shotgun to my usual set of inhibitions and forcing it to eat a multitude of lead pellets in a magnificently gore display...

However, at this point of time, with my legs crossed in what is commonly called an 'indian position', i shift my thoughts to this term... I /am/ indian. Well, the kind of Indian Christopher Columbus had actually set out to find but really didn't... And we have our own word for sitting like that and no, it isn't 'american indian' style.

Rolling my eyes, wondering, like i always do when I write these, where I'm going with this, I console myself with the usual answer... nowhere. You're going to blabber on about inconsequential banter because there's no way in hell, or heaven for that matter, just to cover the bases, that I'd explain so much about myself in one go... Nope, not how I operate. Instead I'd rather get to know someone personally before i actually consider trusting them to the minutest of degrees... till which point everybody is an invisible person living in my laptop for all I care...


And there, you go, ladies and gentlemen... a breif look into my mind... A thought process that could have taken no more than 10 seconds had I not been writing. And people wonder why I can't concentrate...

And he's certain he might just come back and post another bit of thought process if he's bored.

The End

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