Five Indisputable Fears

  1. There is nothing that terrifies me more than death, obviously qualifying to be my number one fear. It's just the thought of sudden pain, darkness, then an endless abyss that makes me cry whilst I sleep. I can write about it, I can dream about it, but I cannot grasp it.
  2. Spiders will send me running and screaming in the opposite direction, no matter their size or whether they're toxinous. Period.
  3. The thought of losing a close friend or family member will wake me in an instant in the middle of the night, just to find I've been crying about what never happened.
  4. Snakes: fangs, coils, noises, poison and all.
  5. Never being able to do everything I want to accomplish in life. And, believe me, there is quite a bit that I want to do. Basically, fearing my life would end too soon.
The End

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