5 Terrified Fears

My 5 fears are these:

They are all irrational but I can not put them out of my head.

1). The Dark

I feel that somone is there, like unknown, strange, spooky, or something out of Doctor Who.

2). Clowns

I have no Idea, why, but I have got a feeling it's their faces, like un emotional faces, there smiles, there total un humanness. I just scream if I see them. I'm shivering now, I'm almost screaming with fear now, just talking about it.

3). Losing people/animals I love

I love my pets or my friends, or my family. They make my life whole. I don't know what I'd with out them. I'd be in tears forever, if I lost them. My life wouldn't be worth living. I see my pets or my family and friends and I just think what if they die now, or when I'm at school, or when I'm a sleep, I just get sooo paranoide.

4).  Death

I'm scared of this I think, is because I don't where it is, I don't know what will happen to me. Will I just lose concesness and never wake up. Will I recarnate. Will I go to hell, or heaven? I have no idea.

5). Ok, last one, think me.

Ok, it's Pain

I hate anything that will cause me pain. Like needles, injections, torture, death, losing people or animals, knifes ( like real knifes with blades, swords etc ), guns you get what I mean. Emotional heartbreak, loving something then it slips away.

So you see I fear losing something I love ( death for example ), death ( the unknown ), and Pain ( hurting ).

The End

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