Five fears; all you'll ever need to know about me

Fears, are, irrational.

Tell that to my unconciousness.

1. I fear the ocean. I also love the ocean, its a love/hate realtionship. Why? The ocean is unbearably powerful. Tsunami's can hall thousands of tonnes of anything that it comes in contact with, be it houses, cars, people. The damage a tsunami can case shows up on google earth as brown smudges, where the grass and trees have been torn away. When you swim, you have no idea what might be hovering a few feet from your own toes. A shark, a giant squid. Anything. You just don't know.

2. The dark. Same idea as the ocean I guess. Someone could be standing right next to you and you wouldn't even know it. I always have christmas on in my room, or my door slightly open to the hallway light.

3. Needles. Operations. Doctors. Dentists. Even dental hygenists weird me out a bit. Don't get me started on those H signs you see on the highway.

4. Constricting places.

5. Death. The entering of the unknown. OR as I dislike to think of it; the complete stop of every concious thought, action, relationship you have ever had.

So, it seems as though my fears have a theme, and that is, I fear that which is not known. Or virgins...

The End

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