Spider_Sam's Fears

1. I'm afraid of being forgotten once I'm done here. I worry that once I'm gone no one will bother to remeber me and pretty soon I'll just be a nameless blip in the history of time.

2. I'm afraid of forgetting. You know, once you get older and get those diseases like althiezeimers. I don't want to wake up one day and not remember who my husband is(if I have one), who my kids are(if I have any). And I definatly don't want to wake up and not even recognize the face looking back in the mirror.

3. I can't walk alone in the dark anymore from even my friends house who lives a few streets away. My towns a small safe town, you know, with only a few crimes, but nothing serious. A few years ago though, there was an incident involving a group of people I thought I once knew following us through the streets and in the end pulling a knife. Now I always freak out whenever I walk in the dark, even if its just up the driveway to my house seeing as Im afraid someone might jump out.

4. Hornets. I was bit by one a few years back and will now do anything to get away from one. The last time a hornet got too close I tripped over a house, lost both of my shoes and ran down the middle of the street screaming. Time before that two desks were flipped over as I did an amazing dive across them and a textbook was thrown at it.

5. Getting on to an escalator. It's weird but I always hate getting on and off of them. Riding them is fine, but when it comes to getting on or off I always freak out since I think that my jeans will get caught in the stairs and will drag me whereever it disappears to. (one too many of those  cartoons when I was little)

The End

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