i'm afraid of... myself

I am scared of never being good enough to be worth the hurt my father caused them.

I'm afraid i'll run out of energy to fight myself and fall back into a never ending void of depression and nothingness

I'm afraid i'm going to hurt those people close to me, or that those people who love me will take off their rose tinted spectacles, realise who i really am, and run away.

i'm afraid of lots of people in a room - too scared to make conversation, i stand alone with thoughts about everyone hating me, or intentionally ignoring me, until i go insane...

I too, am araid of bugs, not flying things (you can hear them), not big ones, (you can see them) but little ones who can run away from you and hide, who you'll find crawling over your face 3 weeks later here they've hidden and made more babies. eurgh..

The End

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