Blackbird's Fears

1. People. People scare me. Ihave had people threaten me for no reason, some "gangstas" followed me around a neighborhood park in broad daylight looking like they wanted to kill me, and some teenagers threatened to beat my friend and I to death (fortunately we were coming home from the hardware store and had a steel mallet and a wrecking bar), and so guys threatened me for my trck keys at a gas station (the very reason I keep an ax under the seat now). Believe it or not, but I live in a very quiet area. I don't trust youth these days (which is funny because I'm young myself), and I'm never comfortable around people.


2. Coyotes. We have a coyote problem around here, and they really scare me. I used to go for walks in the forest alone, but now I worry just going into the woods behind my house. If I go for a hike a carry and homemade walking stick/club. You'd think I'm over reacting, but some coyotes got into my parents garage and chased my mother around and a family friend keeps a loaded rifle by his door in case they g after his dog or children. I was followed by a small pack of them when I went for a walk one day, they kept pace with me until I got closer to town.


3. North Korea. Why the hell do they need nuclear weapons? What would they get out of attacking someone? If you were allies with China and Russia and even they (two nations that do what they feel like doing) are telling you to simmer down, wouldn't you do it? They scare me terribly.


4. Owing people money. Growing up with banks always looking for money from us really made me a miser. I'm terrified to owe people money, even if i can pay them back it scares me. If someone owes me mney I take collateral to make sure they pay me, and I go completely ape if they don't pay me back (imagine a short, bearded guy in a leather jacket screaming at you, waving his fist around, and and demanding money).


5. Being alone. I'm always afraid I'll end up alone, most women I work with think I'm completely psycho, and not because of the stuff I've listed above. It seems to be because I like guns, hunting, birds (but never hunting birds), old cars and trucks, and living in rural areas instead of the city. Some even go so far as to tell people I'll end up a serial killer. I should probably charge them with slander, but I can't really be bothered. The problem is finding a woman who can put up wth some of my abstract insanity and likes a quiet life as mch as I do.

The End

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