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1. I can't say I'm afraid of heights, so I'll go with this. I'm afraid of  going down ladders. If I'm in an airplane, helicopter or ferris wheel I'm fine, but if I go down a ladder, I get extremely worried and cautious. Most likely cause: there's no seat belt on a ladder.

2. Birds, up close. This is odd because I've lived with birds my whole life, but they're in cages, once a bird came out of his cage and flapped it's wings rapidly while clutching onto me.

3. Bees. I once got stung by a bee and my hand blew up, then another made my stomach swell for a month, I'm afraid if I get stung close to the neck, then my throat would close.

4. FIRE! When I was three I got a huge burn mark on my back because of a fireplace, however I fine with matches and firepits, because the closest I get to a fire pit, a two foot stick with a marshmellow on it. Other then that, I can't stand it, this is why I'm not really fun when I see a burning man model.

5. Drowning. When I was eight ( yes, four of the five fears are due to past experiences) I went surfing just off the coast of tofino, a current got me and I was in there going up and down for a half hour. One newspaper reporter classified me as dead before I finally got back in because of a rock I grabbed onto.

These are I think the only five things that I'm afraid of, this may change later on but that's it for now haha.

The End

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