Buddy's fears

1:I'm afraid that I won't stop that one shot, the one that makes or breaks a game, and the trust of your soccer team. That one goal that you could have gotten, but you waited that single second, and it went in.

2: I'm afraid of someone coming for me, and trying to kill me. Sometimes, I'll think that I see someone standing in the corner when I am trying to sleep, so i'll lay as still a possible, hoping that they will leave.

3: I'm afraid that people will judge me because I have short hair, I dress a bit more guyish and I'm not into being that girly. Yes, I am a girl. But I truly don't care anymore, (but that doesn't mean I'm not seceretly afraid) I can deal, if people are stupid enough to lean so much on stereotypes, then they should be punched in the face. (if you think this way, I'm not trying to pick on you, but it really irks me.

4: I'm afraid of shots. Like vaccines. What's Ironic is I want to be a doctor....It's getting better

5:I'm afraid of tornadoes, not as much anymore, but who isn't scared of a big swirling cloud of doom coming and destroying your way of life. Scary, you gotta admit.

The End

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