My Five Fears

1) Any bug that is bigger than my pinky nail. It is creepy, disgusting and wrong. I can't stand seeing all their legs , wings and what-nots moving.

2) Failing. When I start out to do something, I want to finish it and I want to do it well. I'm not a competitive person but I'm just very determined.

3) Drowning is a big fear. Never liked deep water as a child, don't like it now and probably never will.

4)I'm afraid of endings and big changes. I HATE ending relationships of any kind. The longer they last, the harder it is. which ties in with big changes. I can deal with moving down the street or across town but to another country... eh.

5) I am afraid of the death of my loved ones. There are a few select individuals in my life without whom I don't know what I would do. Just the thought of it brings me to tears :(


The End

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