My 5 Fears

(1)  I am afraid of moths.I am not sure why as I am not afraid of  butterflies, whcih are similar creaturea.I think it stems from that time when I was six years old and I saw the cover for Silence of The Lambs.I probably got freaked out because the moth was actually touching her on the lips and that she could probably swallow it.

(2) I am afraid that I will never qualify for the Worlds.The Worlds is the most major championship in Irish dancing.To get there, you have to qualify.And I haven't manage to do that yet.Hopefully this year I will, but you never know.

(3) I am afraid of falling from heights and dying.It's not really a fear of heights that I have.In fact, I love being on a airplane.It's just that when I'm not protected and I am up very high and there is a huge risk that I could fall to the ground, that's when I get scared.

(4) I am afraid that I will never fulfil my dreams.Some dreams include being in Riverdance for a year and going to a top university.

(5) I am afraid that I won't be the person I want to be in life, that I will betray my beliefs.I want to stay true to myself and not pressure myself into doing something just because it's the cool thing to do.


The End

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