5 Fears, ey? You're on!

  1. Heart break: I can't stand it. That feeling when your heart slows, like someones slowly slinding a large dagger through it, cutting it in two. Bad times =(
  2. Spiders: I know, this is so oversaid, but I hate them even if it's tiny, I want it dead. I think it's the way they creep along the floor, their 8 legs, thin and twig-like moving in that fear-inducing way that they do. Blek!
  3. 50 Cent: If that man came up to me in the street I'd run faster than the speed of sound. He scares me. Have any of you played his pointless video games? He has a gun! He's going to shoot me and everyone will still love him because it was only a little emo kid.
  4. Getting the 'Evils': Don't you hate that sharp, digusted look people give you on the odd occasion? It's nerve-shattering. If I ever get such a look I have no confidence. That's why I suck at arguments. I cave in under pressure.
  5. Christianity Enthusiasts: No, okay. I'll chose my own religion. I dont WANT a religion really. There's too much pressure. If you do this;You go to hell, You do this;you go to heaven. I mean, what's the point. Stop spoiling the surprise of what will happen when I die! I like surprises!!
The End

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