5 scary things to me

UNO: Possessed Dolls: Such as Chucky. Chucky was actually caused me to have this insane fear. I saw it on accident once when I was four and had nightmares. I'm still scared out of my mind today. I wouldn't even watch Night Of the Living Dummy (or something like that) just cause. 

TWO: Heights. Okay, i have to be super high for this to really affect me. But still. I don't like looking over the edge of something really high up.

TREE: Falling. Associated with the Heights thing. Cuz when I'm really high up I feel like I will fall, and die. 

FOUR: Jellyfish. Don't judge. I had a close encounter with one, and it wasn't pretty. 

5: Losing my dad. He's had so many close calls of dying that it worries me to death. He was supposed to die twenty years ago but luckily is still breathing to this day. I don't know what I would do without him...

The End

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