There is nothing to fear but fear itself.... gimme a break XD

I'm pretty much terrified of a lot of pretty dumb things ahaha.

1. Vampires: now before you tell me there not scary/don't extist/ you've written bout  them etc. i would liek to say i'm terrified of vampires from the movie 30 Days of Night. My gosh i still get shudders from that...-shudder-

2. Sharks: beady eyed, heartless and terrifying monsters. i know there probably important to see ecosystem but that still doesn't help me out. FACT: They technically do sense fear, well at least your heartbeat. the faster it is the mroe tempting target you are.

3.The Ocean: One thing there are sharks there and two i mean way out deep. I'm not all that great at swimming (in fact i've somewhat forgotten how to... dont tell pretty stupid thign to say on a sharing sight. ah well hopefully noone bothers to read this:)

4. Dolls: ever seen Chucky? Well thoses kinds scare the beejebies outta me:P

5. Losing someone close to me: be it my mom, dad, sisters, cousins or my best friend/girlfriend, losing is and still will be my greatest fear.

The End

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