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  1. I am afraid of death. My best remedy for this so far has been to tell myself I'm not planning on dying. Period. You can see the logical fallacy in this.
  2. I am afraid of fear. OCD has been quite a trial for me, and the worst part is my habitual paranoia -- having to look over my shoulder as I brush my teeth, having to leap into bed at night for fear of the dark. It sounds horribly childish to say this, but the bravery shown in Harry Potter has really inspired me to be more brave in regards to this part of my life, so I think in some way it has indeed gotten better...
  3. I am afraid of the future, which is also why I fear death. I want to find some kind of tangible importance in the mass of stars making up existence, and I feel that to do so will require vast amounts of time and patience... being human, of course, both of these I naturally lack.
  4. I am afraid of dead bugs. It's a peculiar phobia, really, but in no way is it false: if I am in the presence of one or think I may have touched one, the whole of my body goes a-shiver and I become quite queasy and panicky. It's so strange.
  5. I fear for my sanity, mainly because the rest of my family is so lacking in this. It is for the fact that this fear has died down a bit lately that I list it as five, but I believe it's quite normal to fear the undertaking of your ancestors' worse qualities.
The End

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