Terrifying Prospects

I know it sounds terrible but the first thing I'm scared of is myself: I do not value human life as most people do and I feel that the fact that human life is so easily rubbed out that it doesn't deserve to be valued as highly as most people do. It's a delicate gift and some people seem to take that for granted, so I feel it's someone's responsibility to really brand the significance of being alive into people... maybe by murder... but who's to say it's murder if they're wasting the life they were given? Did they not die long ago(metaphorically) when they began to waste it?

I'm scared of being alone, as much as I don't enjoy the company of most people I crave the company of the minority, they make me feel like I'm not alone and that I matter to somebody and make a difference, though I must admit lately I've been dubious as to whether I do make a difference.

I'm terrified that she'll never notice me, as cheesy as it sounds. She knows I exist, but she doesn't see me in the way I see her and it's frustrating, I've been desperatley in love with her for years (even whilst being with a girlfriend or two I may add) but she's never really looked at me, and recently she has but... not that way. Though I really believe someone as beautiful, smart, imaginative and impossible to understand deserves someone of a much higher quality than myself, I hope that maybe I'm being extremely modest and I am "worthy" of her.

Now for my irrational fears:

Sunlight, it's a bother, it's bright, it makes me tanned because I tan incredibly easily, it makes things warm, it gives some people cancer, on Oblivion it makes me catch fire, it gets in my way if I'm walking in it's direction and it makes a black figure stalk me, what is there to like?

Zombies: this is less of a fear and more of a phobia, I'm not comfortable in crowds because if one's a zombie then they all become zombies very quickly. I have two different plans in case of a zombie apocalypse, I refuse to pass graveyards even if it is physically impossible to climb six feet of dirt and through a thick wooded door. I don't like malls, even if they're meant to be safer according to dawn of the dead or whichever zombie film, on left for dead they spawn in stupid places! And that' pretty much it...








The End

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