Things That Scare Me

1) People. Nobody really understands me, and as I'm quite an introverted person and live most of my life inside my head rather than in the real world, I don't really understand other people. They scare me because they do things and I don't know why. For instance, bullies, chavs, teachers, parents, classmates - they could do anything for no reason at all. I suck at trying to explain this, so I'll just leave it here.

2) Spiders. I CAN NOT STAND THEM. I don't know if it's just their freaky little bodies, their sticky horrible webs, the dead flies they leave hanging around, or the creepy way they move (or all of the above), but if I so much as suspect there's a spider there my heart starts beating so hard I think I might die. If I actually see a spider, I will swiftly exit whichever room it is in and refuse to return until a reasonable period of time has passed for it to have gone. If there is actually a spider on me or in close proximity, I will scream, flail, drop/throw whatever I'm holding and run for my life. The same goes for insects, really. I just hate the feel of their nasty little legs crawling over my skin. *shudders*

3) I'm not scared of dying itself, really, I'm more afraid of what happens after. Will I cease to exist, just being a decomposing body and all, or will I go to heaven or hell or whatever or have a new life as something else? Also, I want to make some sort of minor impact on the world before I go, because I have a fear of being forgotten once I'm gone, of being that insignificant that I'm just one of  number who died and wasn't remembered,

4) Insomnia. It's a condition I suffer from frequently, and I hate it because I'm scared of not being able to sleep. It feels really lonely when you're lying there in the dark, everyone else around you is basically unconscious and in the dark my over-active imagination likes to take over and create any number of scary things that might be coming for me. Childish, I know, but there you have it.

5) Being unloved. I don't know why, but I'm one of those hopeless romantic people who want to fall in love with one person and be with them forever, or at least until they/I die. I have a fear of never finding that person and dying alone without anyone.

The End

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