My Fears...

My number one fear would have to be the fear of puking.In medical terms I believe its called Emetophobia.The  very thought of passing digested,soured food through my throat makes my knees tremble and my hands shake.

Junebugs would be next on my list of fears.Yes I have been told they are harmless creatures numerous times but still shreek when I see one.Just the thud of there hard coated shell smucking into my illuminated windows is enough to send me over the edge.

The unexplained......I feel there should be an explanation for everything brought forth into your life.The unknown is creepy to me.UFO sightings and ghostly encounters dont sit well with me.

My children dying before I do....I panic when they fall and scrape there knees,I cannot imagine my life without them.Very scary thought...makes me want to do my number one fear..yuck!!!!!

Dying of course,although it is the last on my list of fears.Hopefully I will be old and tired when the time comes.I hope to have lived a full life and that all my loved ones that have passed before me will be waiting with open arms.I hope that a buffet sort of meal follows upon my arrival as,I do not fear food!!!!!

The End

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