Windows aren't scary...or are they?

OKay, so what I am afraid of is windows. But not just ANY windows though. I am afraid of basement windows, you know, those ones that are close to the ground, like, you can see the cement from your driveway? Or grass from your backyard? They are especially scary when they reside in dark, creepy basements. Now, you're probably wondering what the hell is wrong with me.



Well now, I will tell you why I am afraid of windows. See, I am not afraid of the windows themselves, as they are inanimate objects that can't come to life and cause you harm. I suppose they could break and cut you or something, which would not be enjoyable, but that is not why I am scared of them. I am scared of what creepy, basement windows allow weird, stalker people to do. Which is watch you! I realize this sounds very paranoid, but I assure you I am actually a pretty trusting person. But seriously? Imagine it.


You are sitting ALONE in your basement, watching T.V, or reading a book, or whatever people do in the privacy of their own basements. You start to feel a little odd, the hair at the back of your neck standing on end. You peer around your basement, thinking perhaps some family member may be lurking in the shadows. You call out, "Hey, is anyone there?" Receiving no answer, you shrug to yourself and go back to whatever you were doing. But, the eerie feeling remains. That is when you remember it. The sinister basement window. You whip your head around to look at it, and there, staring at you through the window, is some creepy as hell dude wearing a black sweatshirt, the hood pulled up over his head, strung out, serial killer blue eyes staring out of his shadowed face! And he is STARING at you. Watching you.

Now that you have imagined it, I'm sure you can see I have a very valid reason for fearing windows.

Now, something else I fear would be zombies. Yes I know they aren't real. Yet. lol. But just the idea of some undead, rotting corpse coming after me to feed on my flesh gives me the creeps. I mean, if being eaten alive by nasty, brainless, animated corpses doesn't freak you out, there may be something wrong with you.

Another thing that gives me the heebie jeebies, is when i see people fooling around with scissors, or anything other sharp object. I feel like they are going to cut themselves, and I do not do well with other peoples blood. Also, it makes me feel like somehow how I will inexplicably hurt myself. And come on, who likes hurting themselves? Okay, well, some people do, but the majority would agree with me I think in saying they do not want to experince pain.

Hmmm, what else makes the hairs on my arms stand up....oh yes! When strange, LARGE dogs decide to follow you when you are on a walk. Now, I LOVE dogs, I have dogs myself. But when a large dog, like a pittbull, or rotwieler starts to follow me, and it's looking at me with it's brown little dog eyes, ears pricked, it scares me. Just the idea that the dog might be about ten seconds from tearing me apart with it's sharp as needles, glistening white teeth!

Lastly, being accosted on the street by weirdos. You know. Your walking along, minding your own business when some stranger comes up and talks to you, and at first your like, okay, I'll make small talk, then be on my way. BUT NO. The creeper keeps talking! And talking! And about weird, disturbing things. Until it gets to the point where you want to leave, but you're scared they'll get angry and do something rash, like kidnap you or hurt you. Yeah, not fun. SO, those are five things I'm scared of. Happy to share. :) lol.



The End

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