Five Fears

I am afraid of never knowing who I am. Somebody once told me to discover myself, and I'm skeptical if it's even possible. It's such a difficult task, and I'm not really sure I can handle it without completely losing my somewhat concious mind.


I am afraid of not having anything to do. I mean, it's not quite as drastic as being locked in a room with a straight-jacket and nothing else in the room, but it's still not having anything to accomplish.


Speaking of being in a straight-jacket...

I'm afraid of going completely insane, and being sent to a mental institution where everything, and I mean everything is nailed to the ground. *chills*


Three down, two left...

Not reaching others' expectations for me, that scares me, it like really freaks me out. I think it's partially because of who I am, and partially because of society today. Everybody is so judgemental it's unbelievable. It really is.


Ah, finally, the last one.

I am afraid of having an empty funeral. Just my dead body, the casket, and maybe a small number of people. I'd like to know I've left an impression on so many people, know that I've made an impact....

We are the world's future, somebody once told me, make an impact...

The End

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