Ezzie's Fears

1. Worms. Mostly definetly worms. I used to love them, until I believe watching this documentary on Animal Planet about internal parasites changed things. Oh and watching my neighbor eat them probably didn't help me out either. Now whenever I see them I scream, and I see them a lot since my dad enjoys fishing.

2. Falling in love with someone else. I know that sounds bad, but I'd feel terrible if I ended up leaving the one guy I'm currently with and feel that way about in the dust. So far I haven't found anyone as perfect as he is.

3. Needles. I see them and I begin sobbing. Well...I just hate hospitals in general. Doctors freak me out (I mean, they're strangers touching me, slightly creepy), needles are evil, hate the feeling of pills going down my throat, and hospitals smell like sick and at the same time waaaay too clean.

4. Having my life being puppeted by others. It's already happening and I can definetly tell. My mother and guidance counselor insist I should be a doctor (you know, the thing I'm afraid of) when I want to be an author or perhaps an artist. But so far my mom and counselor are pushing me away from what I want.

5. Someone totally crushing my writing. I mean, negative feedback is great. It helps you out for sure in the long run. But to have someone just go on about how crappy my writing is would make me want to drop the pencil and paper for the rest of my life.

The End

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