Fear, fear, fear, fear, and fear.

1. I am afraid of cockroaches, sand crickets and those long horned pine bugs. I used to have a re-ocurring nightmare about a massive cockcroach standing on its hind legs at the foot of my bed. In the dream it would fall and smother me.

2. Mustard. Ever since I was a little girl I have been afraid of mustard. If I see it, smell it or touch it I get panic attacks. If I don;t know it is there it doesn' t bother me.

3. I am afraid for all the lost souls out there.

4. I am afraid that I am crazier than I realize and when people encourage me to live a normal life they are secretly just humoring me. That they really think I am not capable of accomplishing anything.

5. I am afraid that I will be alone forever because so far I have not been called to the religious life, I am crazy and the only person I care to think about doesn't care about me (or just thinks I am insane - in a not endearing way). I am even more afraid that I will be called to motherhood though, and not do a good job because I hate it or something like that.


The End

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