5 things I'm afraid of...

1. I'm afraid of having my heart broken. Putting all my trust in someone and them just ignoring it or wasting it or betraying me somehow. I don't just mean with guys, but friends too. They are just as capable as breaking your heart, telling a secret, stabbing you in the back.

2. I'm afraid of failling. In life, with friends, in school, work whatever.

3.I'm afraid that one day, I won't realise that someone is right for me and I let it go, all because I get angry or upset or jealous

4.I'm afraid of starting afresh. New people. new place. When I don't know people, I become really timid and quiet, which isn't me at all. Then when I'm comfortable with the people, I change and become me again, and people think I'm fake. When that is the real me.

5. I'm afraid of losing who I really am... forgetting myself in the fast moving world of stereotypes, masking individuals.

The End

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