Five Fears of ?

1. I'm not afraid of dying, death is inescapable, every life has a beginning and an ending.It is something i became aware of at an early age , I'm afraid of not living a life i'm happy with, of feeling unfullfilled or failing at not making any difference in the world no matter how great or small it may be.

2. I'm afraid of heights, i'm only 5'2 so that is an everyday occurence as my legs dangle off a curb .

3. Never knowing who i am, getting lost inside myself , how can anyone else know who someone is on the inside if they don't know themselves.I think any happily ever after scenario begins within. 

4. Public speaking, that has haunted me since like grade 3, I would rather try committing hari kari with a rusty spoon than speak in front of a large audience.

5. Snakes they are just so evil and damn creepy looking!

The End

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