Things I'm Afraid Of.

1. It's not as bad as it used to be, but I'm afraid of ceiling fans.  I was always afraid that they'd snap off and chop my body in half.  Once, I was so afraid when I was going to bed that I slept in my closet.

2. I'm afraid of people understanding me.  My friend has convinced himself that he does, but he definitely does not. I'm afraid that if people do understand me, they'll hate me.

3. Needles.  The medical kind.  Well, technically, I'm afraid of anything medical.  I hate it, hate it, HATE IT.  I hate taking pills; I haven't taken tylenol in four months, but I get monster headaches.

4. People walking on my left side has always irked me.  I get this weird shudder all through my body, and I have to either move away or do this weird move where I get to their left side.  If the person stays on my left side, I start getting all shaky and itchy.. it's really odd.

5. I'm afraid of death.  But aren't most people?

The End

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