Unfortunate AdversariesMature

An idea that came into my head a while ago and was buried in my files.
It's got some swearing in it, as well as a fair amount of violence, hence the mature rating.

He hoisted the duffel bag over his shoulder, grunting under the strain.

"Grab the other one. Hurry!" he hissed as he shambled around the gates and past the panicked hostages. Shoving the door open with his other shoulder, he lugged the bag over to the black car and fumbled around for the handle to the boot. After a short bout of cursing, he managed to get the damn thing open and he swung the bag in as soon as the gap was big enough.

"Pass me the other one," he muttered, stretching out a hand behind him, correctly assuming his partner was behind him. He started to look over his shoulder. "The fuck are you waiting for, g-"


He froze. And then slowly rose from his bent position to find a gun pointed at his head. "The fuck do you think you're doing?"

All the bastard did was fucking smirk. "I think I'll be taking your million as well as mine," he said. "And the car, too."

"You slimy backstabbing motherfucker," he growled, reluctantly holding his hands up. "You don't want to be fucking with me, boy."

"Give me one good reason. 'Cause I've got two-fucking-million."

"Because I will beat your fucking face into the ground if you don't put the gun the fuck away," he snarled, fingers curling into fists.

"Sadly for you, I have a fucking gun," he snickered, waving the thing around to prove his rather obvious point.

"I can see that, you fucking idiot. But a fucking gun's not going to do you much good, I can tell you that, numbnut."

"What, you got a bulletproof vest under that shitty shirt? You and I both know you're too broke for that," he said, moving the muzzle to aim at his chest instead.

"For fuck's sake, I am no-" he broke off as a loud pop filled the air and he felt the bullet tear into his flesh and puncture his lung. He looked numbly down at the hole in his Hawaiian shirt as scarlet bloomed across the yellow. He coughed, blood splattering his lips and chin and he looked up at the rather shocked man in front of him.

"Motherfucker," he snarled. "You fucking shot me."

"Holy shit, Atticus! I didn't- I wouldn't- I just wanted the fucking money!" he stammered, dropping the gun to the ground.

For a second, neither of them said anything and just stared blankly at each other. Then, slowly, as if moving through a thick syrup, Atticus reached in front of him and dug his fingers into the wound, groaning as pain slammed into him like a sledgehammer. He wiggled them around until he found the bullet before pinching it between his thumb and forefinger and wrenching it out with a grunt. He studied it for a second before tossing it to the ground near the gun. When he looked up, the horrified face of his partner greeted him.

"What? You expected me to just leave it there?"

It took him a second to respond before he screamed and dove for the gun, slamming into Atticus's legs. He didn't stumble, but he stepped back and it was just enough room for the hysterical man to scramble across the concrete to put some distance between them. He then promptly emptied the magazine into Atticus's torso. When there were no more bullets left, frantic clicking echoed around the alleyway as he continued to pull the trigger. Atticus sighed.

"Just because I now have more bullets in me doesn't mean I'm any more dead, you fucking idiot," he grumbled. "And did you really think that was my real name? Atticus?" he sighed again. "God, if you were any stupider, you'd have been born in Texas." He walked slowly towards the cowering man, pulling out a bullet as he did so.

"Just give me the money and I won't kill you."

He hesitated before tossing the bag past Atticus and towards the car.

"N-Now let me go, I-" Atticus levelled his own gun at his head and a bang echoed back against the walls as the bullet tore through his brain, effectively killing him.

"I lied."

A/N: Before people start screaming at me, I don't have anything against Texas. I don't live in America, so I don't really know which state has the stupid people in it.

This was done in one go, so if there are any mistakes or oddities or anything like that, I apologize. When I come back to this, I'm going to hate it, but I can't be bothered to do anything other than click the button to post it.

The End

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