There are billions of people on this planet. Most people won't meet more than 500 of them in their lifetime. Out of those billions, just one person can be the world to another. Those billions, or even that one, could be just like you. They could have the same idiosyncrasies, thoughts, wishes, and fears. There are links between everyone, just no one can see them; if they looked hard enough they would be found. Two people's paths can be destined to meet; but if they are unaware of the course destiny has set for them, the paths will cross and leave each other behind. Unless something intervenes... and the paths collide.

The girl was smiling, at the sky. It wasn't the stunning blue of a summer day, it was pearly grey and overcast with clouds that blocked the sun. It didn't matter; she could still see the beauty in it. And the ramshackle street she was wandering down, she could see the beauty in that too. The carefully built terraced houses and their fall from grace, the glass in their opaque windows reflected the world. The weeds poking through the patterned cracks in the pavement curled elegantly towards the sun. She stepped down, and tilted her face upwards as she felt the first drops of rain spatter her cheeks and nose. How many evaporated tears fell as rain? She kept her eyes wide, despite the brightness of the clouds, as she began to spin slowly around, head tilted back, as the drops intensified into sheeting rain, soaking through her clothes and plastering her hair to her face. A blurred figure in the haze of grey rain, the driver didn't see her through it until it was too late. He hit the brake, but the car kept on going. She was still gazing rapturously at the sky above when the car hit.

The End

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