Chained to Reality

Just a little story about growing up...with undertones of Coldplay's Paradise.

Once, she was a dreamer, young and free. Every night she would let herself be whisked away to another world full of fantasy and far-away places she had never visited, and she would explore for days - sometimes years - unaffected by the toils and troubles od reality, but she would always return smiling, despite the dark clouds that often greeted her in the morning.

Where has that smiling ray of hope and happiness gone? In her stead stands a small woman, dark shadows under her eyes, worry weighing down on her shoulders. She can't find her way back to those worlds she once knew so well, because she can't shake off those thoughts that chain her to the grim and dreary reality that she has had to settle for in growing up.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the young girl returning for a flash of a second, or a moment of fond memory passing over her eyes. But before I know it, it has been and gone. I wish I could help her get back to those places once again, but I fear that only when she is free of the woes of this world will she be able to return.

The End

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