Cette Vie

Chapter One: She is...

Clock ticks at 6'o clock.

The alarm clock rang.

It didn't woke her up.

The alarm rang louder.

She slowly opened her eyes, her vision roamed around, searching  for the noisy ringing alarm clock. Her eyes settled at the time, its 6 o'clock sharp, time to get ready.

"Ayumi, breakfast is ready!", she heard the voice of her mom.

She patted the alarm clock, stopping the bell, then she stood up and headed to take a shower.

April. Spring.

Ayumi's last year as a junior high at Ichikawa Gakuen. As usual, walks her way to school alone.

The cherry blossoms flutters along with the wind. 'How pretty', she thought. Soft talks and murmurs make a noise full of laughter, as she entered the school gates.

After the opening ceremony, she went to her classroom, '3-B'.

'I wonder, if I can deal some people here...', she thought.

Straightly, she walked towards a desk and took a seat. Everybody's talking with somebody, some are happy with their groups. Ayumi remained silent at her position.

Soon, the classes started. The students fixed themselves and sat properly at their desks, waiting for their teacher.

What kind of homeroom teacher would they have, everybody's thinking about it.

Footsteps were heard. An average woman with glasses, with books in her hands walked in through the classroom. After some short introduces, their class started.

Finally after three hours, lunch break is here. It is Ayumi's favorite subject. But she haven't made a single friend yet. She's being shy to approach someone, unless she needs to borrow something.

Ayumi held her packed lunch that her mom prepared for her. Whilst, a sketch has drawn her attention. The sketch is a figure of Misa Amane, she was stunned at it. She looked at the girl who had it, and she thought that this girl might have same interests as her.

Physically, that girl is taller than her, slender and has brownish locks.

She went to approach that girl, "That's Misa Amane of Death Note, right?"
The girl was surprised by her sudden appearance and said, "Yeah"
"You're a fan of Death Note, too?"
"Um, yeah.." the girl giggled.
"Can I see that drawing for a while?",
"Sure, here", the girl handed the drawing to her.
"You did this?"
"Yeah, but, I've just copied it from poster."
"It's cool"
"My name is Sayu, Sayu Suzuki...", the girl introduced herself.
"Nice to meet you. I'm Ayumi..."

So, after the lunch break, the classes resumed. The subject is Home Economics, and it always make Ayumi bored. First day, first activity, their teacher had asked them to propose a product and present it in front of the class in a week, and it would be hard for Ayumi, because she's not capable of speaking in front of many people specially when she doesn't know what to say at all.

But thorough, Ayumi made herself to prepare well. And so, the day of the presentation came. After some presentations of her classmates, including Sayu, it was already her turn. She stood up and walked in front. All eyes were with her. It made her feel really nervous. But for the sake of her grade, she spoke up her presentation. She presented a manual T-shirt printing, unexpected for her, everybody was amazed by her work, she designed the T-shirt with Light Yagami's face with a symbol of the Death Note. Everybody in the class wants it, even Sayu.

Ayumi got confused, everybody wants it, but to whom she will give it? She looked at Sayu, and remembered that Sayu has already seen it and asked for it before the class started. So by an instance, she handed the t-shirt to Sayu.

Ayumi giggled ,"Here..."
And Sayu smiled back.

It was the start of the unusual junior highschool life of Ayumi...

The End

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