p. VII

“What the heck is this thing?” My sister asked, almost trembling on her spot. The light seemed to grow dimmer, so we all got closer to the statue.

“It looks like some sort of gargoyle,” Zack responded, trying to sound smart. The light continued to become dimmer, more and more quickly. Zack got his lantern closer to the statue’s head, but the light kept fading away.

“Freakin’ cheap flashlight!” That idiot yelled, smacking the side of his lantern. My sister and I took out our phones to help illuminate the gargoyle, but our phones flickered only for a moment before they turned themselves off.

“What’s happening!?” My sister screamed, overwhelmed with anxiety. The last few traces of light from Zack’s lantern began to scatter away; Sarah and Zack were freakin’ out, and I could not help but stare at the statue’s mouth, which seemed to grin as light gave way to absolute darkness.

It was then that it dawned upon me: Romans didn’t make statues of horned demons.

For a second all was completely dark and silent. No one moved; no one spoke; no one breathed. Then a chilling scream echoed throughout the tower; it was Zack’s voice, more high-pitched than I thought humanly possible. Before we could do anything, the scream ceased abruptly, as if Zack had suddenly vanished. I didn’t even wait; I sprinted out of the ruins as fast as I could, assured that my life depended on it. My eyes were now a bit accustomed to the darkness, so I looked back once I got out: I saw my sister standing petrified, and something really, REALLY dark walking towards her. I wanted to go back in the tower and get her out of there, but my limbs too were paralyzed by fear. The dark thing stopped right beside Sarah, although she couldn’t see it. Another piercing scream, and all was silent again. At that moment I didn’t even hesitate in running back home.

The End

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