p. VI

Now at the tower’s entrance, I had become absolutely sure this had been a mistake. From the almost complete absence of light and the faint smell of manure, to the tower’s threatening silhouette and barren surroundings; this site belonged in a hellish nightmare rather than in our world. It seemed, though, as I was the only one looking at it in this light. As soon as he had gotten his little flashlight out, Zack stepped into the decaying tower, always followed by my sister. “I guess there’s no turning back now,” I told myself as I entered through the stone arch. At that moment I swear I heard the cry of a crow in the distance, but everyone else had me convinced it was just my imagination tricking me.

The ruins seemed unimpressive. Personally I felt extremely disappointed. The tower’s roof was gone, the walls were bleak and covered in moss, the floor had none of that cobblestone or mosaic associated with the Romans. For a bit we entertained ourselves with the gloom of that place, but even Zack and Sarah got bored of it. We turned around to leave when we noticed something that we had totally overlooked up to that moment; something so terrifying that made our hair stand and our feet stagger: above that stone arch was a huge, leaning statue of a horned demon with bat-like wings. Its solid dark eyes, glimmering with the flashlight’s rays, seemed to stare at us no matter were we went.

The End

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