p. V

“Has anyone ever gone to those ruins since that day?” Sarah asked.

The old nodded with the same gloomy expression. “Yes. The ruins are a humble attraction during daytime, but no one dares to stay past sunset. Not even the archeologists camp around the place: they always go back to town before dusk and only return in the morning. Even they fear the rumors…”

Sarah seemed to be in a trance. “The… rumors?”

“That’s right. People say the spirit of the Hundred Cells is this twisted fiend, servant of Lucifer, who drags trespassers to Hell once night falls. That is the only time, they say, when the fiend may leave those grounds, and the Abyss is the only place he may travel to.”

With a long, last puff, the elder glanced at the cigarette slipping from his fingers and landing on the cobblestone before stomping it. “Do not set a foot in the tower,” he warned us. “If you go in, the fiend may not let you out…”

At that time we left the old man to his rambling, and continued on our way to the town. Sarah translated everything we had just heard to Zack as we walked, but she sounded far less convincing than the elderly man with his dark, ominous expression. In fact, she did nothing but spike Zack’s curiosity even more!

“We should totally go there,” Zack said with foolish enthusiasm. From then on it was impossible to argue with that idiot: his mind was set on getting to those ruins, and since my sister did nothing but follow him around, I had no chance to persuade them not to go there that night. As always, they would not listen…

The End

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