p. IV

“Now, if the story ended here, this could be dismissed as just another massacre in mankind’s long list. But here is when the story takes an even darker turn.”

“How so?” Sarah asked. Staring at the cobblestone road, the old man inhaled the tobacco for so long that it made him cough.

“You see, my dear, sometimes man forgets the love of God when confronted with the trials of Satan. As I just told you, some of the settlers did everything in their power to free themselves and flee; but one of them, seeing that he could not save himself, did the very unthinkable: a pact with the Devil. With his last breath, before the flames turned his body to ashes, that man cursed the Muslims who executed his people, gladly exchanging his soul to see his family and friends avenged. The moment the deal with the devil was struck, a plague fell upon those Muslim troops; in less than a hundred days every one of them died, even their cruel leader. You would think that faithless settler got his revenge. But you’d be wrong. No one deals with the Devil and ends up getting what he or she truly wants.”

“The wretched spirit of that settlers was eternally bound to the place where he and his people had been slaughtered. As if that was not enough, Satan afflicted the poor spirit with horrific visions of that accursed day, visions that tormented him every night, for the past twelve hundred years. Can you imagine? Reliving the worst and last day of your life, hundreds of thousands of times? Why, it is better to rot in Hell, methinks!”

Sarah and I were fascinated by this tale. Zack, unable to understand anything, found all this talking awfully tedious.

The End

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