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My apologies for not being able to publish this before Halloween, but I hope you enjoy this short story I wrote to spark a couple of goosebumps! (I would not consider it mature, but if you are not comfortable with the mentioning of blood and other possibly violent words, perhaps you should not read this story. xP )

We shouldn’t have ever gone there. We shouldn’t have ever set foot on that cursed ruin. But we did anyways. How foolish were we to play with fire, believing the fire could not harm us!

It was a cool summer evening, not far from a small Portuguese town, close to the border with Spain. Me, my sister Sarah and her friend Zack had come on vacation to our grandparents’ house, about a mile away from the small town. We did this every other year, my sister and I, and as usual, my sister and I would get bored fairly quickly. And so it happened this year, after four days of doing absolutely nothing fun. Yet unlike the past years, we had brought Zack, who thought we should do something about that unceasing boredom. And that is what began it all…

“Guys,” I mumbled as we approached a rusty fence. “I don’t think we should be here.”

Zack shook his head in disappointment. “Please tell me your brother is not gonna be a little pussy now, Sarah.”

“No, he’s not,” Sarah replied before glaring at me, “and you better not tell grandma about this!”

Idiots. Who do they think they are, bossing me around? Just because they are seventeen and I’m only fourteen? Just because I agreed with the elder when he told us not to go to that place? Just because they didn’t care while I did!? If they had known then, all of it could have been averted, all of it!

           But they wouldn’t listen.

The End

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