The Letter

Sienna was relieved that the house hadn’t been
wrecked, that Keir’s room was still safely locked and that there hadn’t been
too many rowdy parties by the look of the place.

Sienna hadn’t told anyone about her letter from
Keir. She had another letter to write. It was time to try and get back in touch
with her parents.

She was nervous as she began typing out the
letter. Hand-writing made her even more nervous, for some reason.

She kept deleting what she’d written and
re-writing it. Eventually it looked right. She printed it out and handed it to
Braeden to read.

He seemed to be a little confused by some of
the contents, so she gave him a short account of her troubled childhood. He
could relate.

Sienna slid the letter into an envelope and
walked down to the corner shop where there was a letter box.

Sienna didn’t expect a reply, but a week later
she received one.

Her mother had fled Virtue.

They arranged over the phone to meet up.

“Will you come with me?”

She begged Braeden.

“If that’s what you want.”

He shrugged, casual. That was Braeden. No fuss;
no big deal. Just calm and casual.

The End

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