Greece 2

After getting to the glamorous hotel (and both
of them had to sign a lot of autographs on the way) Sienna checked out her room
(gorgeous, of course) and changed into a lighter outfit. Then she went with
Braeden for a drink in the hotel bar.

It was such an amazing place, Greece. Sienna
spent her time there (whenever Braeden was working on the movie) at outdoor
markets and sunbathing on the beaches.

She was acquiring a startling amount of
souvenirs (“Well it’s not everyday I go to Greece!” Sienna had told Braeden
when he’d laughed at her purchases) but loving the place.

The hotel had its own pool, so that was also a
favourite attraction of Sienna’s. She spent hours just messing about in the

She still desperately wished that Keir was
alive, and James hadn’t gone mad with jealousy. James had been jailed
indefinitely, but it would more than likely be a life sentence.


Quite a few months later it was time to leave
the sunny paradise and return to normality. Sienna had gathered a lot of
information and was looking forward to writing her next book, and getting her
room back in order. Braeden couldn’t wait to get back home, even though he
loved Greece; he wanted to get back to the house.

They were glad that on the flight back they
were together. It helped to have someone to talk to, to shorten the flight.

The End

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