Night Before Departure



A few more weeks later, it was the evening
before Sienna was to fly to Greece and join Braeden. She was excited to see him
again, and she’d arranged to stay in the same hotel as him.

That night, she slept in the room that had
belonged to Keir. If only things had been different, James been attracted to
another girl. If that had happened, the four of them would be heading off to
Greece together.

She lay on the bed Keir had once slept in. the
bloodstained pillow and duvet from the murder had been taken away, but one
remained. There were no other sheets on the bed. Sienna hadn’t changed anything
in the room. She just lay there, the posters and pictures of Slipknot,
Murderdolls (and oddly enough, one of Lady Gaga)and all the other bands Keir
had worshipped, leering down at her from the walls.

When Keir had been alive, music by the
aforementioned bands had always blared from the room. Sienna had always
complained bitterly about how she would track all these bands down and kill the
members if she had to listen to another of their songs. Keir would put the
offending song on loop just to annoy her after she’d commented on it.

“I’ll turn it down if you admit Psycosocial is
the coolest song ever!”

He’d shout from his room.

“Never! Anyway, I thought the coolest song ever
was Holier than Thou?”

She’d call back, mocking the fact that with
Keir, the title of ‘coolest song ever’ would be bestowed on a song for about a
week, before another song took its place.

Sienna looked back on her collection of
memories like that one. She knew that she should be sleeping, she had an early
flight to catch the next morning, but tonight wasn’t a night for sleeping; it
was a night for remembering.

The End

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