Braeden and Sienna didn’t bother with dinner
that night.

Sienna got into her bed, sliding between the
tight, ice-cold, shining white sheets. Hotel beds always felt cold and
unwelcoming, even though the rooms were two hot, the beds were too cold.

The startling whiteness of the sheets reminded
her of the bloodstains on the ones back home. The mock-suicide.

Sienna cried her heart out that night. She was
so miserable.

Braeden just lay still and silent in his bed,
images of the bleeding corpse that was Keir drifted through his head like the
ghosts of thoughts. Keir seemed the most immortal person in the world. But now
he was gone forever. The boy who’d saved him from his abusive father was gone.

Sienna had a copy of Keir’s published book,Heed the Subliminal. He’d jokingly
signed it for her, like she’d signed his copy of her book just a year or two
ago. Sienna stroked the shining black ink; the silver star dotting the i. She
read her favourite chapters carefully, taking in every word. The pages were
slightly flecked with tears when she’d finished reading.

Sienna was so disgusted with James. Words
couldn’t express the deepest loathing she felt for him. How could jealousy
drive someone to that degree of madness?

Sienna put the book and the I-pod away. It was
like detaching herself from her feeling of closeness to Keir. She was crying

The End

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